Lift Kits

Premium Suspension Lift Kits for Your Trucks and Jeeps

Let Us Help You Find the Right Lift Kit

Suspension lift kits can transform the appearance of your truck and give you the option of adding larger wheels for off-road driving. 

Torc Motorsports sells most major brands of lifts and leveling kits and installs them with expert care. We have all the products that keep you riding high. 

Our Wide Range of Lift Kits

  • Leveling kits
  • Suspension lift kits 
  • Jeep short arm kits
  • Jeep long arm kits
  • Body lift kits for almost every vehicle

Customize and Upgrade Your Vehicle

Most vehicles experience decreased fuel efficiency because the factory gears are not designed to power the huge tires installed after suspension.

Torc Motorsports gear ratio change can restore power and improve fuel economy. Learn more about our gear and axle upgrades. Count on us to mount and balance any tire or rim
Visit us at 4340 S 87th Street to install a top-quality suspension lift kit! 
Improve your vehicle's look and off-road performance with a suspension lift kit installed by the professionals at Torc Motorsports.
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